{Mummy Monthly} 23 Month Update

This time next month we will be celebrating a second birthday – where has the time gone!

Here is what my cheeky monkey has gotten up to in his 23 month.

Eating: Still loves food, has found a new love for tomato sauce, and wants it on just about anything. He also loves those little red cocktail sausages, which I think are revolting, but he loves them.

Sleeping: Back on track here – thank goodness

Loving: his pillow pet called Lucy (pronounced Loolee), it’s a lady bug

Hating: Tomato’s are still not a friend

Doing: number 2’s on the potty, talking heaps

Teeth: still 16, I can see the others there, but they have just not cut through yet/

Nappies: Nappy pants, and the normal ones for daycare – although I got him the 10-13KG ones and they are too small, so need to move up to the bigger size on those ones.

Clothing: no change from last month

Things I want to remember at this age

  • Has learnt to say please and thank you for things – manners are very important, so well-done Keaton
  • Now calls himself Keaton and not Dee Dee
  • Unfortunately is at the phase where the word Truck starts with an F – and he sees a lot of trucks. Is also obsessed with diggers and cranes.
  • Can put his own shoes on – especially his gumboots. Likes to wear my high heels, and brads shoes as well. 

I can’t believe how quickly he picks up things and how well he remembers almost EVERYTHING you tell him. It’s amazing, and I am so lucky to have such an awesome son. I can’t wait to see how he adapts next week when we are in South Africa, it’s going to be a big change for him, and so many new things. And when we get back home, we get to have his second birthday.

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