{Lifestyle} Weekly Wind Up

Now that the sale of the house is sorted, and the deposit has been paid for our new house, I am finally starting to get back to normal. 

Next big thing on the agenda is our trip to South Africa.
I cant believe that is happening next week - time has gone so fast, and the scary thing is, is that when we come back, Keaton will turn 2 a few days after (and I will turn 29 - eeek my last year in my 20's), and then we move into our new house. These next 3 months are definitely going to be really hectic. Bring it on I say, I have not had this much going on for ages, so I welcome the challenge.

Things that happened this week...

I had a few drama's on monday - (well not really dramas, but things did not go according to plan... my mental plan i guess). Firstly, our deposit for our new house needed to be paid by Monday, so I got everything I needed to get ready by 8.30am on Monday morning, and sent it to our mortgage manager. He had mentioned on friday that the process would take about 1 hour and the money would be in our account, to then transfer to the Realtor trust account. So naturally I waited, and waited, and I did not hear anything. Now my MM (Mortgage Broker) was on leave on Monday ,but thankfully was on email, so I kept nagging him for updates. Long story short, the money only came through at 6pm on monday evening, thankfully everything else went right, and the money made it into the realtor's trust account in time. I was so angry, stressed, annoyed, upset. I am the type of person that likes to be in control of things, and I hate it when I am not, I could not focus the entire day, (I dont even remember what actual work I did). Thankfully its all done now, our MM was VERY apologetic, and bought us wine and beer on tuesday, and has given us a really good deal for when we take on our new mortgage, so guess there is a bit of a silver lining there.

Another minor issue I had last week was an online purchase I made. DRAMA!!!!! last week was defiantly not my week. Anyway I purchased some dummies for Keaton (for him to use when we are in South Africa - and then I hope to wean him off them) from a chemist website based in Australia. Keaton is super fussy on what type of dummies he will use, and the brand of dummies he uses, are stocked out in New Zealand (I mean really!!!! - I have to wait another 2 weeks for stock to arrive), so I hopped online, and found them super cheap in Australia, and with shipping, then came to about $1 more than they cost in NZ. I ordered them at the end of Feb, and the website said they would be with my in 2 - 3 working days via international express courier.
Well I am still waiting for them. I emailed 3 times and never heard back, so I called them on tuesday, (after searching for about half an hour to find their number, as the one listed on the website is a 1300 number, which you cant dial outside Australia), and the customer service lady was so rude, and said that the order was part picked (Um... I ordered 1 pack of dummies... how can you part pick that?), and then she went on to say that they had 2000 emails to get through, and that my order should be sent this week, she did not even apologise for them being totally useless. Anyway by wednesday my status online had changed to "shipped", and its now sitting at that. Hopefully they arrive this week, or I shall be on the phone to them again.

Some good things that happened last week

My cousin and I have been waiting to try Bertie Bots Every Flavoured Beans, but can only seem to find them in bulk, so I came across these bean boozled beans yesterday, and bought them. I am excited to give them a try next week when he comes over, some of the flavours look absolutely vile.

There was a school Gala on saturday, and Brad's fire crew were there, so I took Keaton along to sit in the Fire Truck - he gets so excited when he sees the truck, and when he sees Bradley in his uniform, it so cute watching him.

Other Pluses Keaton started swimming again, and he started diving under the water,  it looks as though cyclone Pam may not hit Auckland as hard as first thought - YAY!!!!

To end this weeks update - Charlene over at Teacher by trade - Mother by nature nominated me to do this #stopdropselfie yesterday, so thought only fit to share it on here.

Keaton is really mastering the art of selfie taking!!!!
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