{Review} Red Seal Tea Review

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A few weeks back I was contacted to review some yummy new Tea that is on the market.

It’s from red seal ,and is their real fruit range.

The great thing about these tea’s is that you can have them hot or cold, they taste super yummy either way.

There are 6 flavours – Lemon and Ginger, Apple and Elderflower, Blood Orange, Strawberry and Rhubarb, Peach and Pineapple, and Exotic Fruits. 

I got to try the Exotic fruits and Apple and Elderflower. 

I think the thing that stood out to me was that they contain no nasty artificial additives or sugar, which meant that Keaton could sample them too, and he LOVED them. I made the iced version for him, and had it in his water bottle all weekend. 

Some things I loved about this tea.

  • Strong Flavours – as soon as I poured water on them, I got instant fruity flavour

  • Individually wrapped – they come individually wrapped in foil wraps, keeping them dry and locking on the flavour.

  • They are refreshing hot or cold

  • They have no nasty’s and are great for kids (zero calories and zero sugar)
  • The funky boxes – I am very much a visual shopper, and these boxes are great on the eye.
  • They are made in New Zealand

For more information, or to find out some yummy ways to use these tea’s, check out their website. Also check them out on Facebook, and Instagram, and if you happen to try these tea's use the #redsealNZ

So if you are after a drink that is totally moreish, has zero sugar, versatile, and child friendly, then this is the tea for you!

Would I buy these again? They are already on my shopping list!

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