{Lifestyle} Weekly Wind Up

The past few weeks have been crazy, so did not get around to posting my weekly wind up last week, so this week is a mix of 2 weeks - and is most likely going to be very boring.

We have had people coming through our house daily from mid February ,and I am totally over it now. Having to make sure it is “show room” ready at all times is hard at the best of times, throw a toddler and a dog in the mix, and it’s just mental. Thankfully the open homes are done, and our auction is on Thursday morning. Praying we sell so that we can bid on a house we love on Saturday, and we don’t have to worry about open homes again.
Keaton has been sick – so no swimming for the last 2 weekends. He even managed to power chuck in the car last weekend, was not a pretty site. When I ask him what happened, he tells me he burped. I blame my parents for his sudden power chucking, as they brought him his sugar packed meringue ice-cream cone, which he semi ate, and then got sick. After that he was fine, so had to have been that. I think he was a bit shocked as to what was happening, as he has not vomited before.
 We had friends over for a BBQ on Sunday night, and I put Keaton to bed, he was not in the mood to go to bed, so was doing everything he knows not to do, and then it went silent, I assumed he had gone to bed, so went to check on him and I found this…

Other mischief he has gotten up to was pouring a room freshener all over our white linen in the bedroom, the room smells like bamboo permanently now.

I was booked off 2 days last week with a migraine, I have never had anything that bad before, it was so sore, and kept me up most of Tuesday night, seems to be getting better as they are not as constant and sore, so hope they go away soon. 
Also caught up for dinner with my girlfriends – long overdue catch up, when you become a mom you kind of just forget about “me time” so was fab to catch up with them and have a good gossip session. Our kids are all of similar age, so love hearing about what they are all getting up to, sounds like they are all at that mischievous phase.

My yummy dinner
This week is full on at work as we have a new company name, so everything is being re branded, out with the old and in with the new. Auction is on Thursday, so my mind is just focusing on that.

See you back here next week. Hopefully with good news on the home front!

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