{Blog} We Sold our House

We sold our house…. And bought another one 2 days later. How quick was that! I am so glad it’s done, we can now focus on our holiday and not have to worry about coming back from it homeless. Here are some of the pictures that the agent took of our house for the marketing.

We sold at auction on Thursday, and bid on Saturday morning, I think it’s all still a bit of a blur. Brad could not make the auction, so I went into it solo, it was really stressful, and scary, but was worth it in the end because we got a fantastic house. I am already planning what we are going to put our own personal touch on it. I am so excited to start decorating. But first we need to start packing up our house. At least we have a longish settlement (mid may), so we can go on holiday, come back throw a second birthday party, and then start packing up and getting ready to move.
So glad we will be in our new home before winter. Our current house gets really cold in winter, like I have to dress Keaton in about 6 layers cold, so hopefully this one will be a lot warmer (I definitely think it will be) – so that’s another plus.

It also had a super flat garden, like absolutely flat, I think that was the major draw card for us, Keaton and Ernie are going to have blast playing there, they both love being outside (obviously), so now they can spend all day everyday playing outdoors.

Yay for new house DIY's

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