{Lifestyle} Weekly Wind Up

Man what a busy week and weekend. The week was actually pretty quiet. It involved shopping after work for some “nik naks” for our house as it goes on the market this week. Other usual suspects were swimming lessons (Brad took the reins this week - yay).

It was a short week here, so we had an extra day for “project get house ready”. Most of that time was spent painting, cleaning, scraping, pulling, wiping, decorating, de cluttering and a whole lot more. Happy to say that it is about 95% there, so will do the finishing touches over the next 2 days, and it should be all ready and waiting for Wednesday’s pictures. Its really going quickly, and I kind of like that – I hate waiting around for things.
Next on the list will be to find a house, so our weekends are going to be busy with open homes etc, not to mention we are off to South Africa soon, so there is all the final bits that need sorting for that too, and Keaton's second birthday party.

I did have time to do a little craft though. We had this lamp shade that broke (I say broke… more like Keaton pushed the lamp over a few too many times). Anyway it could not stay like that, and I could not find one that really suited the lounge. So I attempted a DIY. The result is below. I am actually quite happy with it, Its really heavy, but it ties in with the lounge, and does not look too homemade. It did take about 45M of rope, and I got 2 nasty burns on my fingers from the glue gun, but hey... 

Bring on a new week, house photos and going on the market.

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