{Lifestyle} Weekly Wind Up

What a week… so our house has been on the market for a total of 4 days now, and I am already over it!!! 

The first day it was properly on the market, we had 5 groups of people come and view within a space of about 1 hour. I think the last time I was this stressed was when we decided to move to New Zealand, and I was waiting to see if I got the Visa we needed…. I am finding it really hard to concentrate on anything else. I know worrying is not going to make a difference, and what will be will be, but it’s so hard not to. I will post some pictures once the house is sold (fingers crossed) – as the images are from the Realtor, and our address is on their website.

Was back on swimming duty on Saturday, Brad was playing bowls, so could not do it.
Keaton got a certificate for “good paddle arms” – as the teacher said, the parents are more excited about the certificate than the kids… which is true, as I plastered it all over Facebook. When I asked him what his certificate was for he looked at me blankly!!!!

Totally over the whole valentine’s day saga – I think because we have been married coming up on 7 years, and we had dated for what seems like an eternity, it’s just another day. I mean if you are going to love someone and show them you do ,why make it only one day a year. I was woken up to a massive box of chocolates and a card being thrown at my face courtesy of Keaton, it was very sweet, but not really how I want to be woken up. We had dinner on the beach with the parents, was a nice way to end the day.

Another week of clean house, no mess this week as we have more open homes on the weekend, and hopefully some more weekly viewers, (three people went through today) keep your fingers and toes crossed that we get an offer please!!!!!! Other than that a pretty quiet week starting to finalise Keaton’s birthday Party theme etc, and I  really need to get our South Africa holiday plan together, time is running out!!!!!

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