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Emma over at PartyLab sent me some butterfly wall art to have a play with. Now we are in the process of selling our house, so I didn’t want to stick them on the wall, and then have to a – leave them there, or b – remove them and risk damaging them.

I came up with the idea of using them on a frame, so I would be able to take them to our new home.

They come in all different sizes and colours (I received the mixed colour ones in varying sizes), I guess I could have used the back of them, as the backs are white, but I was wanting to add a pop of colour to an empty wall in our bathroom.

I love the simplicity of this idea, and also how impactful they are. They can brighten up a room so quickly. I would definitely recommend them for a little girls room, spread across a room would look absolutely fab.

This is what I came up with. I must admit deciding on a pattern was not easy, and I kind of wish I had stuck to the first one I did below, but the nice thing about sticking the butterflies onto glass is, they are super easy to remove and re position.

Originally I had a white background, but I thought the colours of the butterflies would pop more with a bolder colour. I was looking for a teal card, but could not find one, so ended up with this blue colour, which I love. The great thing about sticking them on the frame, is that I can change up the card inside and create a new piece of art when ever I want.

Be sure to check out Party Lab website for some more amazing homemade gift ware, decorations and other fab goodies………. The link is on my side bar

Butterfly Pricing is as follows:

I love this design - can you imagine how cool this would look in a little girls room? I will definitely buy these if I have a girl next.

Thanks again Emma for sending me these to review :-)

Photo from Party LAB
Photo from Party LAB

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