{Mummy Monthly} 21 Month Update

 In 3 months time we will have a 2 year old.... Here is what he has gotten up to in his 21st month.
 Eating: I am optimistic that he has outgrown the phase of throwing food on the floor. He seems to be eating a lot better – although he is not a lover of salad, it is funny to watch his face when he has a mouthful of lettuce though. Am sure in time he will become used to it.

Sleeping: back to sleeping through – I think it was just a week phase of him waking up during the night. Having said that – we had a 5.20am wake up this morning. I just heard him shouting “MUM” until I went in and got him up. (He never calls dad in the middle of the night/morning.... I think they are ganging up on me!!!).

Loving: still loves his kitchen, and water. He plays with his watering can and also his little spray bottles. He is growing more fond of toy cars, and will push them on the floor making the “brooooom” noise.

Hating: still not too fond of the toothbrush – he will begrudgingly let one of us brush his teeth, normally when I do it, I have to put on a stupid voice so that he laughs, and then I quickly brush.

Doing: Still doing potty training, well not really training at this stage, more of getting used to the potty, and asking him if he wants to go etc. He gets stickers on his chart if he goes, and a mini marshmallow. We have a long weekend coming up – so may attempt to give it a full on go then.

Teeth: still has 20, no change here, I thought he was cutting the last 4, but the dribbling has stopped, and I see no sign of the teeth so must have been a false alarm.

Nappies: still in huggies walkers 10 – 15 KG, have been putting him in the nappy pants, as they are easier they are also the walkers, but I think the size is (13-16KG), he also has Huggies Pull ups for potty training, in size 1.

Clothing: Have been buying all size 2 clothing, most of it is too big for him ,but he will grow into it. And Pumpkin patch pants are good because they have adjustable waists. I have been getting him some second hand bargains from trademe for daycare as well, as I dont want him to mess up his everyday clothes there.

Some of the things I want to remember about this stage are: 
  • Words, calling eggs Illys, starting to call me Mum and not Mummy (still calls daddy). Finally calling Enrie Ernie, and not Ardie. Says “Allooo” to everyone he sees, as well as “morning” and  "good bye" he also calls my nephew (who he has only met on viber and skype) – Mono instead of Matthew. 
  • He constantly wants to be where the action is, he definitely does not want to miss anything, he is always asking to be lifted up if he can’t see something
  • The use of the word “NO” – especially when I ask for a kiss
  • His growing independence – especially with eating and drinking. He has a trike that he uses a lot – and it has a clasp on it, and as soon as he climbs into it, he grabs it before I get a chance and says “DeeDee” (that is what he calls himself), and I know that he is telling me that he wants to fasten it himself. Sometimes he gets stuck, and then he will ask for my help, but most times he manages by himself.
  • He now wants to choose his own clothes to wear, if I am in his room and I open the drawers, he comes running in saying DeeDee, and then picks what he wants by saying “This One”.
He is at a really fun age now, and I love that you can have a conversation with him, and he understands what you are saying as much as you can understand what he is saying. Check what he got up to last month here

Until next month xxx

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