{Blog} Weekly Wind Up

 Nothing particularly exciting happened this week.
We did go to the NZ Breakers on Sunday. I got VIP tickets from work, we have not been to watch basketball in ages, and had a great time. We even walked on the red carpet to get in, had free drinks, and food ,and had really good seats at a table. Will definitely make sure we go to more games. Think Keaton is a bit young still ,but next season definitely.

I did pick up some bargain items when I went shopping on my lunch break. (I hate paying full price for anything, and the Mirrou shop has nothing over $19.90 – so I could not give up the opportunity to have a look at it. (I think that has been the highlight of my week so far).

Swimming lessons are back on this weekend. We have not been for a few months, as Keaton was getting sick all the time (it was over winter). So now that its summer and he is a bit older, I am hoping that he picks it back up again.

We are making the transition into a bed this evening – last night brad went to check on Keaton, and he was in the process of climbing out of his cot, he tried a while back (by standing on a teddy) – but after telling him off, he did not try again, until last night. So we are going to toddler proof his room tonight (move plugs etc) –and then let him sleep on his cot mattress on the floor, or take the one side off the cot, not too sure which option will be the best for him, as he moves so much in his sleep.

It’s a long weekend where we are this weekend, so thank goodness it’s only a 4 day work week.

Until next week then!!!

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