{Blog} Weekly Wind Up

Its the 3rd week in January already - and its pay day week! YAY!!!!!!! Here is what we got up to this past week.

Keaton had a haircut – I wanted to try and grow it out, but his hair is too curly, and it just looked like it had never been brushed (although every morning it gets brushed). It’s not the cut I wanted, I was after something a bit longer, but hey… it’s done now, it is better as he sweats a lot, so at least this keeps his head cool – I am sure when it grows out it will be how I wanted it in the beginning. It definitely makes him look like a little boy now.
 On Tuesday we went and watched dumb and dumber to – oh my goodness it has to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I don’t quite remember all of the first one –but this was just terrible. Not sure if anyone else has seen it, would be interested in your thoughts if you have.Other things on the go at the momentWe are getting our house ready to sell – so there are a lot of little things going on at the moment. Things that normally don’t bother me, are now starting to bother me, I think I am just over this house now, however there is nothing really we like on the market currently, so hopefully something will come up soon. I am starting to plan for Keaton’s second birthday, we are going to be away for most of April – so need to get everything planned and sorted out before then. So I commenced operation Second Birthday party this week ,and its n full swing… Watch this space!!! 
There are a few of us who have lunch every month together - it has to be no more than $10, and has to be a new place each time. Its a really good way to get out and try different cuisines. This months choice was Indian. I had the Butter Chicken - it was super yummy.

Plans for the weekend – a go slow…. Hoping to take Keaton to an animal farm or some sort, and then on Sunday we are off the basketball. Brad and I love watching basketball – we never watched it in South Africa, but it has to be one of our favourite sports to watch live in New Zealand. Can’t believe we have not been since I was pregnant, definitely long overdue. The weather is supposed to be good again – so will definitely have to head to the beach. I bought a new bikini, so will have to try it out.

Well that’s all for this week, I hope my life gets more interesting as the year goes on.

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