{Blog} Weekly Wind Up

A new sequence I am trying out – along with my Wednesday blogs, I am going to try and remember to do a weekly wind up post, just in case anyone is interested to see the other things my fandamily and I get up to during the week.

The second week of January is coming to an end, I still can’t believe we are in 2015. This week has been a real go slow week for me, especially with starting back at work after the break. I am just lacking motivation to do anything. Hopefully I get my work mojo back soon. On the home front – things are moving along, we are getting some work done on our house so that we can sell it when we get back from our holiday – so the house hunt is on…
We have decided to be rather picky about our next house… so should be interesting, as the house prices are crazy, and where we want to live is just ridiculous, I guess we will just have to wait and see what comes up.

We have been going for walks on the beach after work because the weather has been so nice. We bought a shade tent to take with us for days when it gets windy, but have not used it yet. Keaton had a ball in it when we put it up at home.

Not too much is planned for the weekend, hopefully Keaton sleeps in past 6am, I really need a good sleep in. We are supposed to be having another “Braai” (BBQ), so fingers crossed the weather is good. 

This picture has no relevance to anything in the blog post, but I could not help putting it in here. Keaton and Ern came with Brad to pick me up from work yesterday and I was sitting in the back with them. Poor Ern lets me do anything to him, and I managed to capture yesterday’s antics.

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