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We started swimming lessons again, it’s been a couple of months since Keaton last went, so was interested to see if he still remembered what to do. He was quite apprehensive of the water when we first got in, but overcame that quite quickly. As the lesson progressed, he was more interested in drinking the water than swimming. He did really well though, and got right back into it. Swimming is supposed to be father son bonding, but Brad was playing bowls (yes I know… don’t judge), so I was the back up.
We caught up with some friends on Sunday for a lazy Sunday afternoon play date, was so nice to just chill and let the kids play. Our kids are all the same age, give a few weeks, but I think they are all still too small to be able to play together, so they all just do their own thing.  My friend captured these really cute pictures for Keaton.
Auckland anniversary day consisted of us going to a new pak n save that recently opened (I know fun right?). Keaton fell asleep on the way there and then woke up when we arrived at the shop, and did not go back to sleep until 6pm...
He spent over an hour playing in his room instead of sleeping so was so tired at bed time that he just crashed.
We had a late lunch/early dinner BBQ at the parents’ house, so did not need to have dinner, although Keaton’s food landed up on the floor – so I had to get him something for dinner when we got home.I nearly set fire to the house (I think I am slightly sleep deprived) for some reason I stuck those food pouches in the microwave to warm up (WHY????), the next thing I heard was a pop, and when u turned around, there were sparks, luckily I stopped it before a fire started - but the turn plate on the microwave now had a black mark on it! This is how our dinner ended up, does anyone else’s kids do this? I am sure I can’t be the only one who has a child that smears food all over himself?
We had to take the one side off the cot as Keaton started climbing out. Ever since we took it off, it's taken over an hour to go to sleep. The first night he slept without the side, he fell out of it, so I bought a bed safety rail, and that seems to be stopping the falling out, however he can still get in and out of his cot, so when bedtime comes, he spends more time out gathering toys and books, than actually going to bed. I am not sure how long this is going to go on for, but I sure as hell hope it’s not much longer.

4 days left of the week, and there is not much planned, next week is another long weekend, so counting down the days!

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