{Blog} Second day of 2015


Firstly WOW - where did 2014 go? I swear it was yesterday that Keaton turned 1. How can he already nearly be 2!

Back to my day... Today (as well as the last few days) was really hot, I seem to forget how hot it gets in New Zealand as its only super hot for about 3 months a year, but it's super hot at the moment. Although the the sun here is very harsh- it's very prickly.
My cousin came over to visit today - he is going to be doing some painting work for us, as we are wanting to sell our house when we get back from South Africa. 
We headed to Mitre 10 (a mans dream shop), I don't know what the proper name is... It's a hardware store I guess - but on a super big scale. We got some supplies there and then went to the mall so that we could exchange some cash for South African and Australian money. The exchange rates are in our favour currently, so why not change a bit?.

We then headed to another hardware store and got some other stuff we needed and then it was time for Keaton's nap. While he was sleeping my cousin and u watched "catching fire" - movies like that definitely need to be watched in the cinema I think. Number 1 we had to watch it on low volume - as Keaton was sleeping and 2 it was just average - we kind of got bored. We are now contemplating the mocking jay one..... Still very undecided.

It was still super hot - so after lunch we headed to the park, brad wanted to fly his helicopter (I say fly.... It's more of an attempt to fly... The thing just goes round in circles and smashes into the grass). Keaton had a great time at the park, so did Ernie, and Kyle and I were experimenting with the panorama setting on my phone. 

We ended the day with a BBQ at my folks house, it was actually a "Braai"(That is South African slang for a charcoal BBQ). It was super yummy and I rather amusing evening, ( I won't go into more detail on that :-) ). 

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