{Mummy Monthly} 20 Months of Madness

20 months down the line, and I still cant believe I am a mummy. Especially to this little guy!
Here is what he got up to in his 20th month.

Eating: He is still happy to feed himself, although this month has been particularly bad with him throwing food everywhere, and smearing it in his hair. Am, not sure if this is just a phase... I really hope it is, as there is a mess all around him after dinner every night. Thank goodness for the dog though - he is a real help :-). He has a really good appetite, and there is very little he won't eat, so we are lucky there.

Sleeping: has been mostly good.  He still seems to be taking a while to go to sleep at night - probably about half an hour, he will just lie in his cot and kick around, and talk to himself. Last week was bad though - he woke in the middle of the night and would not settle, so I put him in bed with me, bad mistake, as he then woke the next few nights wanting to come to the bed with me. I managed to nip that one in the bud, and he is back to sleeping though.

Loving: still loves playing "kitchen", however we bought him a pram (don't judge), he loves pushing it around the house, it doesn't even have to have anything in it, I think its more the ability to be able to push it that amuses him, but it works, and its pink, so why not. He also loves playing with the vacuum cleaner, he calls it "Moo", and will go to where its kept, and take it out, and then "Vacuum" the floor.

Hating: I would not call it hating, but we are still going through the phase where I am the "unloved" parent. I am not sure when that will change, I guess I just have to grin and bear it until it passes.

Doing: Potty time seems to be working, although we are not pushing him, I am going to try the whole nappy off, scheduled potty time over the break and see how that goes. He has started signing, and his vocabulary is increasing on a daily basis. He picks up things so quickly.

Teeth: still has 20, no change here, although I have noticed one of his final molars has started to cut through (I suspect this is partly to blame for the night time waking).

Nappies: still in huggies walkers 10 – 15 KG (I have bought some nappy pants, and toilet training pants - also huggies - and in the same size)

Clothing: slowly moving into size 18 months / 2 years, the pants are still way to long, and most of his shorts are still size 1, his waist is just too small to fit them, however he can comfortably fit into size 2 shirts.

Check out what he got up to last month here.
We also went to see Santa, although he did not enjoy it at all. In fact he was so scared he burst into tears and would not leave Bradley alone. I think he is getting a bit better the more he see's Santa now (or as he calls him "Yoda"). 

4 more months and we will have a 2 year old.... WHAT..... where is the time going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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