{Lifestyle} Christmas Wreath Cupcakes

Firstly Happy Christmas, I hope it was great, and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you had and are having a good holiday break. And I guess as its New Years Eve here in New Zealand already, Happy New Year too!!!!

I tried my hand at baking cupcakes again – well the ones from the box – they are the only ones that taste really good, and no one knows they are from a box… so I will let them all think I make them from scratch. I did make the icing however, to see how to make (the best) icing check out my blog post here for the recipe and instructions.

 I actually forgot about these  one Christmas eve and I only remembered when everyone was about to leave, so that was a bit of a fail, but they were yummy. I will definitely make these again next year, and hopefully I wont forget them in the fridge :)

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