19 Month Toddler Update

This month I have noticed Keaton’s attachment to Bradley increase. For the first 18 months of his life, I was the person he would want when anything happened, however as he hit 18 months, I have become second to dad. He constantly wants to be around Bradley, and cries when he leaves etc. In a way it’s nice for me, as I have a break ,and can sit down and have some me time, but I can’t help but feel a bit sad that I am no longer his number 1. I am in  group on Facebook for New Zealand mums, and I posted about it on there, and apparently it’s a phase,  and it passes, so I better enjoy it while it lasts. Anyway here is what he has been up to this past month.

Eating: he no longer wants me to feed him, he does everything himself now, either eating from the spoon or with his hands. One thing he has started doing more of, which is rather annoying, is throwing everything off his plate and putting it on his highchair tray and then throwing his plate on the floor.
Sleeping: has been mostly good. I am not sure if we are sending him to bed too early, his bedtime is 7pm, however the last couple of nights he was stayed awake in his cot until past 8pm and then gone to sleep. I think he is getting enough sleep, as he sleeps 2 hours+ during the day and about 10 hours at night if he sleeps from 7pm – 6am. We are going to try the later bedtime over the weekends and see if that helps.
Loving: playing with his “kitchen booking toys”, riding around on his motor bike. He loves to pick flowers for my parents on the way to their house. Shouting people’s names (he puts his head back and screams them). Being outside – he is such a busy body, and can play outside for ages.
Hating: Shower time and brushing teeth again – he likes to “brush” his teeth by himself, but really needs my help, which he is not too fond of.
Doing: Potty time, he says “ wee wee”, and “ potty”, and will use the potty if I take him there and put him on it, but he has not learnt to ask to go to it yet.
Teeth: still has 20, no change here, although I think his last 4 molars are starting to move down, he is getting a rash on his face, and increased dribble.
Nappies: still in huggies walkers 10 – 15 KG
Clothing: slowly moving into size 18months / 2 years, the pants are still way to long, and most of his shorts are still size 1, his waist is just too small to fit them, however he can comfortably fit into size 2 shirts.
He had his first haircut which you can read about here.

Next month is Christmas - and I cant wait to see the difference in him this year vs last year, he gets so excited when he opens things, so just know its going to be awesome.
Check what he got up to last month here

Until next month xxx

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