18 Months of Awesome

As I write this, it still has not sunk in… we have an 18 month old. Time has gone by so quickly. I am so annoyed with myself that I did not start doing monthly blogs when Keaton was born. Oh well, guess better late than never.
Anyway – here is what he is up to at 18 months

Eating  Everything, he is a really good eater, and there is little he won’t eat. He feeds himself with a spoon or a fork, and  has become less messy the more he does it. We also say prayers before eating, and he get so excited as we get to the end, as he says “Amen”, its just the cutest thing.

Sleeping: Luckily still sleeping through. He has been since 7 months. He goes down at 7pm, and wakes at 6am. The sucky part about that, is that its 6am everyday – 7 days a week. We don’t even use our alarm clocks anymore.

Loving: He has taken a liking to my parents neighbour’s son. Not that he has ever met him, but he knows his name is Peter, and every time Peter goes out, or Keaton sees a car that looks like his, he says “Peter”. It’s really cute how he picks up words that we unintentionally say.

Hating: Nothing really – apart from strawberries. He is not a fussy eater at all, but strawberries seem to be his nemesis at the moment.

Doing: Lots of talking, his vocabulary keeps on increasing, and it’s amazing how he is able to interact now. 

Weight: He is around the 12/12.5 kg mark

Height: around 80cm

Teeth: I think he is cutting his last 4 molars, so he currently has 16. We have been lucky that he has gotten his teeth quite quickly, I think by 16 months he had all but 4 left to go.

Nappies: he has moved into the Huggies 10-16kg (think they are the Walkers ones). Huggies are more expensive in New Zealand, but they really are a quality nappy, and will definitely stick to them with my future babies.

Clothing: Brand dependent. He is still quite short for his age, and he has a small waist. Some clothes are 6-12 months, and some are 12-18 months. I am trying to pack away all his smaller sized clothes, and put him in 18 month to 2 years. Most of the 2 year old clothing is too big for him, but there are some smaller brands that
he fits into. He has so many clothes, that if I don’t put him in the bigger ones early, he won’t get wear out of them.
Shoe wise, he is a size 3, but he has fat feet, so is wearing size 4’s. He seems to fit into Converse best, so is wearing those in a size 4 and size 5.

I have seen a lot of changes in Keaton this month. He is showing signs that he is ready for potty training, which is fun and exciting. We have had a few accidents, but I guess that goes with the process. He is also into playing with pots and pans, and his imagination is really coming out. My husband made him a stove out of a cardboard box, nothing fancy. He will stand over his “stove” and stir his pots and bang them. Other things he is into is watering the garden. He takes the watering can and makes "psssssh" sounds as he waters the plants, he a real busy body. He always has to be doing something.

I love all the moments I get to share with him, he is growing up way to quickly.

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