My Week in Pictures

 Here is what my phone camera snapped over the week.
I love getting sent these pictures of Keaton when I am at work. He spends a couple of days a week with my parents, and I get pictures of him throughout the day. We were lucky enough to have one or two days of good weather last week, which was great. Keaton was able to play outside, and not be cooped up indoors. He loves to play outside.

These pictures are of Keaton at his finest. He loves eating, especially now that we let him feed himself. Who ever invented these bibs with the plastic sleeves and catch pocket is a genius. It makes it so easy for him to get messy, while not really making a mess. He was munching on pasta here, and doing a really good job at it.
I didn’t take this picture – but it was sent to me by my sister. We are lucky enough to have our kids four weeks apart. They live in South Africa though – so I unfortunately have never met him, or her husband, but we are going to South Africa next year for a holiday, so will get to meet them then. Anyway back to the picture. My parents sent him some golf clubs – and this picture was him opening them. He is just too cute.
I work from home on Wednesdays – it was a beautiful day on Wednesday – one of the few really hot days we have had. After I picked Keaton up – we went to have a play in the garden at my parents’ house.  Keaton loves to be in the nude – so thought why not let him have a bit of nappy free time. He has learnt how to work the watering can – and loves watering the plants, as well as splashing in the bird feeder. I love spending time with him, and making memories.
I only took one picture on Thursday. This is Ernie! He is a Shih Tzu cross Lhasa Apso. He is almost 3 years old. He is a very cheeky dog. But he loves Keaton, and Keaton loves him. They are best friends. I love watching their relationship grow closer everyday.


If you are ever in Newmarket in Auckland, head over to Urban on Carlton Gore Road. They make the most divine White Chocolate and Plum Brioche. They are made fresh every day, and I love to have one as a treat after a long week.


Love capturing moments like this. Keaton was about to go and help his dad do the washing, while I was enjoying a cup of coffee.

Keaton’s outfit of the day. Gap dungarees, chuck Taylors, a long sleeve grey top, and a bandana bib that my Mum made. I enjoy dressing him up, he is like my little doll.
Bradley (my husband) and I decided to make a tent for Keaton on Saturday. Finally all Keaton's toys are in one place in the lounge. I found a tutorial on how to make this tent here . It was a little tricky for us to try and convert everything from feet and inches, to mm – but got there in the end. I love how it turned out. There are still a few things to be done (a name plate and some bunting), but other than that, its done.


I was sent another gorgeous picture of my sister and her son. Love these guys!!!!

Hubby made me some Egg on toast for breakfast – I do love eggs…

We went for a walk at the beach on Sunday afternoon – it was so cold and windy though – we didn’t do on the beach itself, we just walked on the grass next to it. Ernie needed a run – and he loves going to the beach. Keaton was dressed up to keep warm, and was on his trike – which he absolutely loves. My cousin came to visit us, so he was pushing Keaton along.
That's what I got up to last week - in a nut shell anyway!!!!!

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