Coffee Tables, Decoders and Sunshine

We no longer can use our coffee table for what it is meant to be used for.  I foolishly taught Keaton how to turn the Sky decoder on and off – Why did I think a toddler doing that would be funny?!
We had to move the coffee table to build a barricade around the TV unit so that Mr button pusher can not get access to the decoder. That was okay until he learnt to climb. Needless to say the coffee table is no longer able to be used as a barricade. He climbs on the table quite easily now, and proceeds to strut his stuff along it, as if he were on a runway. 
We are finding it really hard to teach him that climbing on things is dangerous, I guess it’s all part of being a parent, and he is testing us as much as he is leaning right from wrong.

When he is in the lounge, the coffee table is not turned on its side – it’s really heavy, so luckily he can’t push it over… (yet), but he enjoys climbing inside and through it. Unfortunately this also means that he has access to the sky decoder again, and he has also learnt how to turn the TV on. Not that he likes to watch TV (which can have its advantages and disadvantages – I mean I don’t want him to be one of those kids that HAS to watch TV all the time – but it would be nice if he would watch it for 5 minutes, so I can maybe go to the loo in piece), but he enjoys turning it off whenever anyone else is trying to watch anything… and by anyone I mean my husband, and its normally during the rugby or some sport that he is engrossed in, I find it really hard not to burst out laughing.
I love how as parents we want our kids to have all these toys (toys we think they will like), when in actuality, give them a coffee table, or a cardboard box and they could not be happier. He loves to play with pegs and a formula tin too – I cut a hole in the middle of the lid, and he sits and “posts pegs” – something that keeps him entertained for ages, well longer than his TV watching sessions anyway.

Weekends that are sunny are my kind of weekends. There is nothing worse than having to keep a toddler indoors. Especially one as active as ours. Keaton absolutely loves to play outside, he does all the stereotypical boy things, that includes eating sand, digging, running and so on. I love watching him play – he has such an imagination. He waters the plants, and makes the “psssh” noises, he smells the flowers ,and splashes in the bird bath.

Am really looking forward to spring and summer this year! Bring on the family outings!!!!

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