Whangaparoa Narrow Gauge Railway

So Fathers day was this past weekend (well in New Zealand anyway... we seem to be the only country that has fathers day on a different day to the rest of the world, well us and Australia). Anyway we went to the Whangaparoa Narrow Gauge Railway.
I would definitely recommend this to any family who has small kids, or even adults who want to bring out their inner child.

Entrance was really reasonable actually, you got a train ride ,and then you could go on bush walks, feed the animals, have a picnic at the grounds, and the kids could play on all the kids equipment. My toddler had a absolute ball there. I seriously cannot believe that I have never heard of this little gem before. We have driven past it so often, and its in plain sight, but for some reason, I never noticed it before.
Its all very rustic, which I love, and its got a lot of little quirky add ons, that make it a very unique and cute little gem of a place.
Will definitely be making it a more regular stop for the family as something to do on the weekends.

Had a great fathers day weekend with my dad, husband, son, and my mom. Was great to get out and spend some time in the sun, and outdoors.


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