Kids Fun on a Rainy Day

I'm sure I am not the only parent that dreads rainy days. This past weekend was a real shocker for rain. It really puts a dampener on things, especially when you have a small child who thrives on playing out doors.

After being cooped up indoors on Saturday, well we did venture out to our local town, and have a walk around there, but it was really miserable and windy, so we reverted back indoors for the rest of the day. We also spent some time at my parents house (one of the perks having them live in the same road as we do), which is always good - as they entertain Keaton, and he loves going there.
Sunday however, our plans were ruined thanks to the constant rain. We were supposed to catch up with friends and go to the local bowling club, as they are interested in joining for some social interaction, but because of the rain, we did not end up going. instead we decided to take the kids to Chipmunks.
We had never been before, but it was really great. Keaton is at the age where is he is able to interact with other kids, and entertain himself. He is still a bit small for most of the activities, but there is a section for under 5's (which personally I think should only be for under 2's - as some of the bigger kids were bullies), that aside, the section for the small kids to play was more than enough for someone Keaton's age.

He was quite happy driving in the little cars, and climbing up the slides. At one point we lost him, only to find he had climbed up a ramp and was sitting in a bubble thing, playing with wheels, he came down when he was finished up there, its great to see his independence coming out more and more as he gets older.
 We definitely need to remember to go there more often when the weather is yucky, or when there is nothing to do at home, because lets face it, a toddler is only interested in something for a small amount of time, so unless you have endless activities and new toys at home on a regular basis, they are bound to get bored at some point.
Fingers crossed for some blue sky this week, and weekend, especially as day light savings approaches. I cant wait for evening play dates at the park and at the beach.


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