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Lily Bee Wraps - Reusable food wraps

As a mum I am all for finding ways of looking after our plant, and reducing the amount of plastic we use at home. We already use reusable grocery and fresh produce bags, and the newest addition to our reusable family are reusable food wraps.

Made from 100% cotton infused with beeswax, coconut oil and tree resin make Lilybee wraps durable and great for the environment. They also last between 6 - 12+ months, so they are a purchase that is way worth the money.

Not only are these great for kids lunches (I am super excited to use these for Keaton when he starts school later this year), but they are great for wrapping fruit in, and covering leftovers with.

The almost sticky texture enables the wrap to mould to the shape you want, and the heat from your hands helps keep it in place. I stupidly misplaced a lid for a bottle of jam I had bought, and I popped the smaller of these over the top of the bottle, and its been happily sitting in the fridge ever since.

They are easy to rinse and dry in no time - I just wipe mine down with a damp cloth and air dry, then fold them up and keep them in the pantry.

They also come in a array of sizes and the most amazing vintage inspired cotton fabric.
 You can shop the range and different styles here

Made in New Zealand by a gorgeous family, this Eco friendly product is a great addition for anyone wanting to make the environment a better place.

* I was gifted a pack of these to try. All opinions etc are my own.

Beer Advent Calendar

Who says advent calendars are only for kids. I did one one of these last year for Brad for Christmas, but did the lazy version - where I just bought a box of beers and wrapped them up. (I mean if you want to do that, its super easy). But this year I decided to be a little more creative and try something a little different. I in no way came up with this idea (I am not that creative) - in fact there are heaps of variations on Pinterest.

To made a Beer (wine, or anything drinkable really) Advent Calendar, you will need:
  • 24 bottles of beer (most of mine are different, I think there are 6 of the same, because I ran out of choices)
  • 24 Labels
  • A box large enough to fit all the beers
  • Tissue Paper (or brown paper bags)
  • Wrapping Paper

The next steps are pretty explanatory, simply wrap the bottles up, tag them with the dates (You can download super cute advent tags here made by Rebecca at Simple as That. I simply used pre made gift tags and wrote on the back of them), and place in the box. 

Once they are all wrapped, simply wrap up the box to look like a big gift, and present to one unsuspecting husband/partner on December 1st.

I have joined up with 11 other Kiwi Mummy Bloggers for twelve days of Christmas. Each blogger will share a Christmas themed post e.g. Craft, DIY, Inspiration, Recipe or Family tradition.
Tomorrow is Charlene over at Teacher By Trade, Mother By Nature, she is sharing Christmas around her home. Make sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep track of the 12 days collab - there are some great activities being shared, and its a fab way to connect with other Kiwi Mums!


Lets Talk Incontinence

Bladder Leakage when you laugh, cough or sneeze? Frequent and Sudden Bathroom Urges?
Do any of these sound like you? Even if they don't now, they could still be, or they could affect someone you know.
Its reassuring to know that things like this happen to all of us, and just because it may not have happened yet, doesn't mean that's its not going to, or that there is nothing that can be done to help manage it.

Affecting far too many people, Incontinence is mainly caused by Childbirth, Menopause, Diabetes and Obesity. And in Men (yes they get it too) prostate cancer.

The main treatments are (wait for it...) Diet and Exercise, Hydration, and Kegel Exercises. Its not rocket science really, it is just something that needs to be kept on top of and the more you do it, the more you will benefit from it. Our poor bodies go through so much during our their lifetime, so making sure we look after them should be a priority. 

Tena has therefore created these super informative info-graphics to give you some tips on potential solutions and preventative measures surrounding incontinence. Here are their top 5 ways to strengthen your pelvic floor, which will help reduce the symptoms:

How to strengthen your pelvic floor

To aid with these tips, Tena has a range of liners, pads and pants. Their handy product finder helps you pick the right product to help improve your quality of life, and you can pick up a sample to "try before you buy" here. (This is for New Zealand and Australia Residents Only).

Head on over and have a read of their very informative website, its simple to understand and reassuring to know that it happens to a lot more people than we think.


Fuelbaby bottle Review and Giveaway

Outings with kids can be so stressful. Especially making sure you have everything you need, think you may need, and backups too. I always forget something - even when I make lists, and it's usually snacks, formula, or now that I am mix feeding, a bottle 
(I know - no mom awards coming my way).

So I was super excited when Fuelbaby reached out to me to try their new - funky bottle. I'm all for quick, simple and easy ways to do things, so a bottle and container all in one was a must have. It's like a smoothie shaker/formula mixer all in one. We have been putting it through its paces - but I guess that goes with out saying when you are a boy mom!

Here's how it works (its super simple)
  • Scoop formula into Fueler (the little compartment at the botton of the bottle)
  • Press and hold bottom while fixing the agitator (the little ball shape thing) to the fueler
  • Twist and secure Fueler to the body of the bottle
  • Fill the bottle with water
  • Press to release the formula (when you are ready)
  • Shake
  • Enjoy (well your baby will enjoy it)
Things I love about this bottle:
  • Its BPA free
  • it is leak Proof (we have tried to make it leak, and it doesn't
  • It has an anti colic air flow
  • is dishwasher safe
  • is a decent size at 200ml
  • you can buy replacement parts
If there is a manufacturing issue with the bottle, you will receive a replacement within 6 months of ordering, the packaging is pretty funky too, and it comes in 3 different colours.

It can be used as a regular bottle once you have finished formula feeding (or if you don't formula feed), and anyone can use it - I get my 4 year old to help out sometimes, and he is now a pro and the release and shake. 

Fuelbaby really does help make my life that bit more simple. All the prep work for trips is done at home, so when the time comes for a bottle, you just press, shake and feed.

Pop over to their website and have a look around, there are some video's explaining just how it works - Fuelbaby. They are based in the USA, but offer international shipping, and it should take around 20 days to arrive.

WIN - I am giving away on Fuelbaby bottle over on Facebook, so pop on over and enter, seriously this is a fab bottle, and once you see for yourself how simple and handy it is to use, you will never look at another bottle again.